How it works

Getting started is as simple as a few clicks

Getting Started

The Simple Way to use Roxa

Getting started is as simple as a few clicks. From registering an account to browsing our range of services, we've streamlined the process to save you time and effort. No complex procedures or confusing jargon - just straightforward steps to help

A 3D illustration of a minimalist laptop with a matte black screen and a silver body. The laptop is open, displaying a black keyboard with no visible letters or symbols on the keys, set against a dark background. The design emphasises simplicity and modern technology.
Step 1

Create your Roxa account

Fill in all your personal details and link it up to your bank account. This information will never leave Roxa so your payments will be secure and private.

Step 2

Shop Online

Browse through our selection of online merchants and choose the products or services you wish to purchase.

A 3D rendering of a white calculator with a digital display showing "79.34," blue buttons, and a large yellow bar at the bottom. To its left is a large gold coin with a dollar sign, and to the right, a stack of similar coins. The image suggests financial calculation or budgeting.
Illustration of two overlapping blue oval buttons, each adorned with a white Roxa logo in a stylised font, casting shadows on a surface. The background is a soft, abstract splash of light blue, suggesting a digital or technological theme.
Step 3

Buy a Roxa Voucher

Purchase your unique Roxa voucher, but remember to keep your token number and PIN safe

Step 4

Use your Voucher

When you're ready to complete your purchase, simply enter your token voucher and pin number during the checkout process.

Get started
A 3D illustration of a gold trophy cup with two handles and a star embossed on the front. The trophy sits on a circular black base with a golden nameplate, set against a transparent background. The trophy's design suggests an award for achievement or victory.

Unlock the Power of Roxa

Experience seamless and secure online payments with ROXA voucher tokens.

A stylised 3D image of a golden hand with a blue cuff flipping a large coin with the euro currency symbol (€) on it. The background is black, highlighting the bright colours of the hand and coin.
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